Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekly Walgreens Deals

I usually make one trip a week to Walgreens to stock up on their sales. Some weeks there isn't anything I need, other weeks I spend more. This was one of the "spend more" weeks. I have a "stockpile" of health and beauty items and add to it when I can get stuff free or cheap. I only buy what I will use though- so sometimes Walgreens has free things I pass on just because I know they will go to waste. Another time I pass is if I already have quite a bit in my stockpile. Right now, toothpaste is one of those items. I am waiting a few months to get anymore, or at least until we have used up a tube or two. It would defeat the purpose if things just expired and I had to toss them out. This is also a great way to get items to donate to a homeless or women's shelter!

There are people that do multiple transactions or multiple trips to save even more money, but I usually don't unless there is a really good reason for me to. With two girls and James' schedule, I really don't have the time. Maybe next week if I have the chance I'll try to do multiple transactions. We'll see.

So, I got all this yesterday for $13.01 OOP (out of pocket):

Gillette Body Wash: $4.00/each (2)
Dove Ultimate Deodorant: $3.36/each (2)
Dove Deodorant: $2.24/each (2)
Dove Cream Oil Lotion: $5.99
Dove Satin Body Wash: $4.49

These were all items on sale. I then used coupons:
$1.50 off any 2 Dove Ultimate Deodorant
$1.00 off any Gillette Body Wash
$1.25 off any Dove Body Wash
$1.50 off any Dove Lotion
$1.50 off any 2 Dove deodorant
$3 Register Rewards (details below, from last trip)

Total after tax of $22.01. Between the sales and my coupons, I saved $18.99.

I also got Register Rewards. They are like cash you can use towards your next purchase of anything at Walgreens. You just can use them to buy more of the same item. So I got $3 for the 2 Gillette Washes and $6 for the 6 Dove items= $9 for next week!

After you count the $9, I only paid $13.01 and saved $27.99!

The only rules with Walgreens and coupons is that you can't have more items than coupons. So say I had 3 items all with coupons plus Register Rewards to use. I'd have to buy a cheap 4th item to use the Register Rewards. You can also stack Walgreens coupons AND manufacturer coupons together!

I will say here Walgreens is my best bet for H&B items; none of my grocery or discount stores double coupons.

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