Thursday, June 25, 2009

I need to lose this weight!

So, I have about 10 pounds to lose before I am back to my prepregnacy weight before Ryan. I am already below what I weighed before I got pregnant with Addison. It is so frustrating- I lost ALL the weight from Addison, plus 10 pounds, by the time she was 5 months.

I don't know what it is this time- because I am nursing, I don't have motivation (I went to Cancun 5 months after Addison was born), or what. So I have been taking baby steps.

I started working out beyond my walks with the girls. And trust me, a half hour walk with the double stroller in my neighborhood is certainly a workout! James and I are doing the 30 day shred at night. I am 15 days into it, although I haven't been doing it every night. I can really see and feel the results. It is HARD when you first start, and there are parts of it when I still feel like my arms are going to fall off. But in a good way!

I am getting more definition in my arms and quads, and Level One is getting easier, I can push myself much more than I was able to in the beginning. I think I am ready to move on the Level Two: sometimes I slack and DON'T push myself, so I need the workout to do it for me. The best part about this is it only takes about 25 minutes.

Being busy with the girls, and James' work schedule usually does not allow me to do a super long workout, as I don't have a gym membership. But I can do this after they go to bed, and still have time to finish laundry, clean or whatever needs to be done.

My next step is to start tracking my food again. I don't know if I am ready for Weight Watchers (what I did after Addison), but at least I can be AWARE of what I am eating. I'm really trying to focus on not eating processed crap with a ton of ingredients, eating fresh fruits and veggies, and making my own stuff like breads and muffins, without the added junk. This weekend I am going to do another batch of bread and I think banana muffins, too.

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