Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Walgreen's Trip Yesterday

Went to Walgreen yesterday to pick up a few things. They were really slow, so I was brave enough to do 2 transactions and the cashier was super nice about it.

First transaction:
St Ives Body Wash
Nilla Cakesters
Oreo Cakesters

-2/$1 manufacturer coupons for the Cakesters (from last week's paper)=

$6.20 after tax

There is also a $1.50 off coupon out there for the body wash, but I didn't have it.

I recived 2 Register Rewards for $3 each.

Second Transaction:
"Cars" Plate
"Cars" Cup
M&Ms (needed it because the 2 items didn't equal $3 before tax, RR's do not cover tax)

Total: $3.89, I used a $3 Register Reward so only paid 89 cents cash!

I still have another $3 Register Reward to use toward my next purchase.

In theory, you could do the Cakesters, get that RR, then buy the body wash and use the Cakesters RR. Then go back another day, or to another store, and get MORE Cakesters with the body wash RR, and keep "rolling" that, just paying the tax on the body wash. But I don't need a ton of body wash right now, I still have some from the Dove RR deal.

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