Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ways to Make a Little Extra

Every penny counts. Even $10 can allow you to get the family a nice treat, like a trip for ice cream or an extra at the grocery store. I use a few websites to make extra cash. It all adds up! I've provided the links to all of these. For full disclosure, I do get a referral if you sign up. But once you sign up and tell your friends, you can get that bonus! These are all legit sites that I actually use and have seen payout from. Aside from Ebates and Swagbucks, I maybe spend 10 minutes a day on the other sites, combined. I do recommend setting up a separate account through Yahoo or Gmail to use because you get a lot of spam and you might not want that in your regular inbox. You sign up and view ads for 2 cents each, plus you get a sign up bonus. When you hit a certain dollar amount, they send you a check in the mail. This actually delivers emails to your inbox, and you get paid (I believe 2 cents as well) to view them. You also have the opportunity to take surveys, which pay from 50 cents to a dollar each.

Ebates: I go through here when I buy online to see if the store participates. There are exclusive coupons and you get money back. I buy Bac Out for my diapers through, and get 4% back.

Click here!

Swagbucks: This is a search engine that randomly awards rewards (Swagbucks) for search terms. For example, today I got one searching for "HTML". Once you accumulate enough points you can redeem them in the Swag store for gift cards and merchandise. I use them towards giftcards. It is actually Google that you are using to search too, so you get the same results you would as using Google, just get paid for something you already do! This is super easy to do.

Search & Win

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