Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Savings!

This pic includes the items from HyVee and my last Wags run- I also went to Walmart and got some great deals, but I lost my receipt! I can remember I got:

A1 Steak Sauce- $2.08, $2 coupon= 8 cents

Reece's Peanut Butter Cups x2- Rollback for 50 cents each, 2 55 cent coupons= FREE plus overage

Snickers Ice Cream Bars= $2.50 (ish, I can't remember exactly), $1 coupon= $1.50ish

Roberts 2% Milk= $2.58, 55 cent coupon= $2.08

No Aldi's trip this week, I saved myself some time and picked up what I needed at the other stores for a decent price.


Cheez Its x2 @ $2.50 Each

Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies x2 @ $2.50 each

Used: $1/2 any Keebler cookies coupon, $2 RR (from Kelloggs deal)

Total OOP: $7

Recieved $5 RR- I will roll this into a deal next week

Hy Vee:

Pillsbury Grands 98 cents, used 35 cents manufacturer coupon= 63 cents

Berry Kix $1.58

Lucky Charms $1.58

Used $1/2 coupon, total for both $2.16 after coupons

Hunts Tomato Sauce x3 @ 38 cents each

Multigrain Chips $2.58- I thought these were less but I was wrong- grrr!

Wheat Bread $1.88

3 pack paper towels 99 cents

5 lbs potatoes, 88 cents

grapes, 88 cents per pound, total $2.09

green beans, 99 cents per lbs, total $1.88

There are a couple of web coupons available toward the cereal, but I had a ton going on this week and it just slipped my mind.

Total: 14.30

Total spent for food in picture: $21.30, plus I got the $5 RR back.

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