Saturday, August 15, 2009

My first attempt at canning.

I am going to have a TON of tomatoes. Not literally, but really, I picked 12 pounds of tomatoes and I am going to have at least 12 pounds more. I decided to try my hand at canning and make some pasta sauce. Thanks to my mother in law Jayne, who gave me all of her canning supplies! All I had to buy was lids (she gave me some but they were old and I couldn't tell if they were OK for not), and a utensil kit which contained a lid lifted, jar grabber, wide mouth funnel and headspace measuring tool.

The coolest thing about canning was peeling the tomatoes, believe it or not! All you do is put them in boiling water for 1 minute, than in ice water. You can literally just peel the skins off, it was amazing to me. Maybe not to anyone else, but it was to me!
Here are some pictures:

Some of the tomatoes.

Putting the peeled, seeded tomatoes into the pot.

Before simmering and mashing.

We don't like chunky sauce and I wasn't patient enough for them to break down. I mashed the tomatoes up.

And the end result:

I got 3 quart sized jars and 1 pint sized jar. Not a ton, but you do get a sense of accomplishment from seeing the end result.

Everything cooled just fine and everything was sealed well. We had some on pizza last night and it was really good!

Next week hopefully I will have more ready- I am going to try salsa.

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