Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Pantry Stockpile

I have seen others stockpiles and know that mine is NOTHING compared to other people's that I have seen, but I thought I would share:

This is our freezer in the basement and pantry. We have other food in cupboards in the kitchen, and of course in the freezer and fridge as well. The items I have stockpiled have a long shelf life, and I try not to buy more than what I think we will use before they expire. Everything is rotated out- so the items that will expire last are stored towards the back.
We are almost out of room in the pantry, I am hoping after we move James can build some shelves in the basement for everything, including my health/beauty items.
We also bought a quarter of beef this year, so we have plenty of meat! I like having it for a couple of reasons: it was bought and butchered locally, which has less of an impact than trucking it in from halfway across the country (especially because beef is GOOD here!), and we always have it on hand. If chicken isn't on sale for a couple weeks, we have this to fall back on and don't have to pay for overpriced meat. I understand some people don't eat red meat, but we ARE in the Midwest here! Chicken, beef and pork is pretty much all we eat- we don't eat fish because honestly, we don't like it.
Other items I have quite the stockpile of are: cereals, pasta sauce (Walgreens had a RR deal on Ragu last week), Macaroni and Cheese, peanut butter, natural applesauce and salad dressings. I know I have mentioned this before, but the majority of the dressing will not be used for salad. There were a ton of sales and coupons for Kraft dressings this summer, so I bought a bunch of different kinds to use as marinades. For example, I make stir fry with the Toasted Sesame, marinate pork chops with the Sweet Onion, and make chicken with the Ranch dressing. Of course you can eat it with salad too, but salad night after night just to use dressing can get boring.
The chicken sounds kind of odd, but it is really yummy! I just coat the chicken with ranch, and then bread. I have used bread crumbs, crushed Ritz crackers and even crushed potato chips I didn't want to waste.
I also have quite the health/beauty stockpile, but I need to actually organize it so you can see everything before I post a pic.

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