Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Savings

I went to 2 stores this week: Aldi and HyVee. I had previously said I was going to try to keep my grocery budget to $35 or so a week, but I was finding we just weren't getting a variety. We can afford to increase the budget to $50 a week, if not more, so I am doing $50 a week now.


Skittles 59 cents
Chocolate 55 cents
Ice Cream Bars 1.99
Turkey 2.49
Pizza 3.69
Block Cheddar 1.49
2 tubes of biscuits 38 cents each
Gallon Milk 1.69
Bananas 1.27
Graham crackers 1.29
Fruit Snacks 1.69
Mandarin Oranges 45 cents
Olive Oil 3.49
Peas 49 cents
Corn 49 cents
Pretzels (in tube) 1.99
Whole Wheat Bread 1.69
Total: $26.10
I really recommend Aldi if you haven't been there. If you don't want to coupon or don't have a big coupon stash yet, the prices there cannot be beat, unless there is a REALLY good sale.
Hy Vee:

To tie in with my post yesterday, the grapes were a mistake. However, they WILL get eaten so- live and learn.
Grapes: 2.54 lbs @ 2.38/lb= $6.05 (faint!!)
Mint tea (Aldi didn't have any): 2.78
Flour: 99 cents (used a coupon and saved 89 cents!)
Chocolate Chips: sale for 1.77, plus 50 cent coupon= 1.27 (better price than Aldi for generic!)
Propel: 77 cents on sale, and there was a 55 cent hanging coupon= 22 cents!!
Coke Zero (2 ltr)= 1.56 each
Coke Zero (20 oz)= FREE with coupon (I do Coke Rewards)
Strawberries= normally $4.50, my coupon got them for 1.88
Raisins= 2.69
Total: $19.00
sadly, without the grapes it would have been just $12.95

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