Friday, September 18, 2009

Saturday Savings!

It's been a hectic week, returning from vacation. Our pantry is very well stocked and we were most in need of fresh fruits and veggies.

For those of you with a Hyvee: check the website for your store- mine has an online printable coupon for a pound of free bananas!! The limit is 1 per person/day, so I am going back tomorrow to get another pound. Of course, you wind up paying a little change since getting exactly a pound is hard to do. Yes, I realize it's only 56 cents/lb for bananas, but still, if you are at HyVee anyway or close to one, it is worth the trip! I am also stocking up on tomato soup- they are on sale for 58 cents and I have a 40 cent coupon off 4, so 48 cents a can!

Here is everything I got, for a total of $13.29:

6 Fit n Trim Yogurts- on sale for 40 cents each, plus I had a coupon for 60 cents off 6 so thats 30 cents each!

4 Tomato Soups, as mentioned above, 48 cents each after coupons

Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal= FREE!!! If you haven't checked out and signed up, do so! You get awesome coupons for free items, plus high value coupons as well. I have gotten coupons for free Kashi waffles, Kashi cereal and Rice Krispies, among others. Too much cereal? Use it for art projects!

HyVee Bacon= $1.99

Daisy Light Sour Cream= 99 cents

2- 2 liters Diet Pepsi= $1 each

Bananas= FREE (the cashier gave me the overage of .18 lbs even after I told him I knew I had to pay the difference)

Grapes= 99 cents/lb= $1.78

Lemon= 44 cents

Apples= 99 cents/lb= $2.40

I also had a great week at Walgreens, although I didn't pick up much. Right now they have a deal if you buy 2 Reeces/Hershey items, you get a free 20 oz Coke! So I bought 2 Reeces, used my last 55 cent coupon, and 1 Sally Hansen Nail Polish. I bought 2 polishes last week for Addison and a $3 coupon printed out. So the total for 1 Nail Polish (normally over $4), 2 Reeces (80 cents each normally) and 1 Coke Zero (normally $1.49) came to just $1.43! I was impressed.

It looks like Walgreens is going to have some good deals next week, so I'll be posting my shopping lists and scenarios I will be doing.

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