Friday, September 4, 2009

Money Saving Tip of the Week!

My tip this week is to SHOP THE SALES. Even if you don't have room or want to do a full stockpile like I have, go through the ads each week and plan your menu based on the sales. If something is a really good deal, buy an extra. Of course, when I see a good deal I buy as much as my budget allows, but even if you just buy 1 extra at the sale price, you will save quite a bit of money!

I usually go to 3 stores a week- HyVee, Walgreens and Aldi. Sometimes Bag N Save or Bakers (Kroger) for an especially good deal. If this is too time consuming for you, just find a store that price matches, and take all of your ads to one place! I have price matched at Walmart and recently heard that SuperTarget is matching as well.

Happy shopping!

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