Friday, September 18, 2009

Money Saving Tip of the Week

This week's tip is something I have been actively doing since I saw our power bill without the employee discount- WOW!

Unplug EVERYTHING when it isn't in use. Even if it is turned off, it still sucks power. Example: I had the girls' monitors off, but when I touched the plug, it was still warm, so obviously there was still electricity flowing. I've been unplugging those every morning now.

Other things to unplug:
- Toaster
- Cell charger
- Power strips to TV and computer at night
- Fans
- Lamps that aren't used often

I have heard it can make quite the difference on your electric bill, so we'll see next month. The weather seems to be similar, so that should be easy for comparison. I'll just have to remember we had our trip this month, so I won't be able to say the WHOLE deduction is for the unplugging. But I am hopeful, and have seen others with $20 reductions!

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