Saturday, July 18, 2009

I love my new baby carrier!

I have been looking for a carrier that I could use to put Ryan on my back and be COMFORTABLE. I don't know if it is because I am short and have a short torso, or what, but I have always been envious of the women I see who are carrying their babies like it's nothing.

I have a Snugli from when I had Addison and it works OK for when they are teeny-tiny and you are wearing them in front, but lately it has been killing my back with Ryan in it. I have to wear her when I am at gymnastics with Addison, and it is much easier to garden, run around with Addison, and do chores wearing Ryan vs carrying her. Sometimes she is so fussy and clingy I literally get nothing done. So, I was in the market for a new carrier, and read many reviews.

I chose to get a BabyHawk. Yes, it was pretty pricey but what drew me to it was that you tie the straps around you- it isn't rigid. For me, it fits PERFECTLY and does a really nice job of taking the weight off my shoulders and neck (I have neck problems) and distributes it to my back/waist by the extra strap. You can also wear it in the front but Ryan's head bumps into my chin, so on the back she goes.

Ryan likes it too- she has her limits because now that she is mobile, she prefers to be on the ground moving. But yesterday I had her in it when I was hanging the diapers outside (the sun is a natural germ killer and gets rid of stains), and she actually fell asleep in it! It was so cute, I snapped a picture- nevermind the look on my face, I was looking at the viewfinder screen (and I had a little helper, if you can see):

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