Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Savings

This is a short version of my Saturday Savings, as I was really busy today!

I went to Target Thursday and picked up some basics, along with some freebies. This included:

Pears for 1.58/lb
2 packages of Turkey Hot Dogs for 1.17 each

3 20 oz Coke Zeros- I do Coke points and had 3 coupons
2 Johnson's Buddy Bars- they are 97 cents and I had 2 coupons for $1 any Johnson & Johnson product

The Buddy Bars are GREAT for the girls baths. Some areas of the country got this coupon; Omaha did not. I bought 20 coupons for $2.90 off EBay, so for about $3, I'll get 20 Buddy Bars!

The BEST deals this week were at HyVee today. They had a 6 hour sale and holy moly, it was like Target the day after Christmas. Checkout lines 10 deep, parking lot full, etc. But I got everything I was looking for and all of the employees were very friendly. The deals included:

2 liters of Coke products for 69 cents
1 gallon of milk for 99 cents
Sara Lee Honey Wheat Bread for 99 cents
Bags of shredded cheese for 99 cents
4 oz pork chops for 75 cents
Tony's Pizza for 77 cents
Donut holes for 99 cents
Bananas for 29 cents/lb.

I spent just under $60 this week- about $9 over my $50 budget. But stocking up at HyVee and getting great deals was worth it, next week I'll just have about $41 to spend to make up for it.

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  1. Hi, I too am a stay at home mom looking for deals around Omaha. I've found a few great ones this week that will help keep the budget in check. If you will send me an email, I will forward them privately to you (sorry--I don't have a blog to share with deals).